28 Depressingly Relatable Memes That'll Make You Feel Less Alone


28 Depressingly Relatable Memes That'll Make You Feel Less Alone - Funny memes that "GET IT" and want you to too. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is going on in the meme-o-sphere.


  1. Posted by hannah23459954, — Reply

    Me: *finally draws for fun instead of just for class after months of feeling unmotivated*. My mom: ya that’s nice but it’s not really gcse level art work, shouldn’t you be drawing something more complicated or deep?

  2. Posted by musicaltrashcan699, — Reply

    Yuuuup. Every time I show my frens anything I've drawn or something they just say cool. Whenever they show me something of theirs, I always make sure to make a big deal of it and make them proud of what they've done.

  3. Posted by errovia, — Reply

    this happens a lot because some of my hobbies are uncommon. but i don't entirely blame others; they wouldn't know how to react to something they have never been exposed to before

  4. Posted by christinejenniferrundle, — Reply

    Me: *draws a pic of anime that i worked really hard on* My mom: why do you draw that?? You should be drawing REALISTICLY! My step dad : your never gonna get money for that shit you know. Now go work like a woman should. These are actual words from them...

  5. Posted by VivaLaPlutoBish, — Reply

    Me: *tells my friends that my drawings were just liked by my artist idol on Insta, and am literally typing in all caps* My friends: "cool" *changes subject*

  6. Posted by SukiTokoyami, — Reply

    This happens a lot when I show a drawing I’m proud of. My mom just says “cool” and talks about how horrible my life is rn, and I always decide not to share stuff

  7. Posted by ddiimyym, — Reply

    Me: *draws somethin i worked on for days* Le Friend: Uhm ya its nice, but it doesnt looks so good *Shiwa what i could change on the picture* Le meh: *crying inside*

  8. Posted by Nonyabizwiz, — Reply

    whenever I show my friends my art they insult it for a few minutes even though none of them draw and then they go back to whatever they were talking about before.

  9. Posted by kaiyaharjo, — Reply

    Yep has happened to me I told my friend I got 2nd place in the District science fair and she said literally nothing and told me about her soccer tournament

  10. Posted by AvengeTheRomance, — Reply

    I played my friend something on guitar and she said cool. I showed another friend and long story short she wants me to teach her how to play it.

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