Graphic flowers Temporary Tattoo / Romance flash tattoo / Monochrome jewelry / Passionate Floral composition / Gift idea / Safe tattoo


Temporary Tattoo Graphic flowers. This design work embodies both the severity of graphic lines, and the tenderness of flower petals, and the elegance of black. Monochrome transfer tattoo “Graphic flowers” can acquire different shades of meaning depending on how you place it. She can embody modesty and romance and at the same time – a passionate and temperamental nature, who knows the sense of seduction! ♥ Tummy flash tattoo ♥ Delicate black tattoo is best gift for stylish girl. ♥ Use as the wrist jewellery for party. ♥ Safe and non-toxic tattoo. ♥ The size of the tattoo is 11 x 16.5 cm (4"3 x 6"5 inch) - Our tattoos LASTS 5-7 days, the less mechanical friction (watch, bracelet, clothes) the longer they will stay with you. - Tattoos are water-and-soap-resistant ones! So, they, as well as you, can enjoy a shower, a swimming-pool and sea! - You may easily remove them be using baby oils, spiritus lotions or scotch tape :) - Tattoos are made with using the vegetable-based paints. They are completely safe and hypoallergenic, and fully correspond to the international quality standards. SHIPPING TIME Your order will be packaged within 2 days. Shipping within the EU usually takes between 1 - 3 weeks. Shipping times worldwide (for example, USA/Australia/Canada) can take anywhere between 1 - 5 weeks. Be stylish — change yourself brightly! See MORE at our shop