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@im_a_derp_for_u: “Follow @im_a_derp_for_u for more of the funniest relatable posts - - - #meme #memes #funny…”


  1. Posted by thealex, — Reply

    When a guy told me he liked David Archuleta better than John Lennon. All romantic feelings gone after that.

  2. Posted by hopp3r, — Reply

    Happened like 4 minutes after she opened her mouth

  3. Posted by chloexlittlehales, — Reply

    Literally happened 30 minutes ago

  4. Posted by ilovemuffins394, — Reply

    My crush

  5. Posted by justalittlescared, — Reply

    Uh yes

  6. Posted by cursedengine, — Reply

    Sometimes the opposite, like why the hell did i ever avoid you

  7. Posted by kkkkaris, — Reply

    Ummm, who hasn’t?

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  10. Posted by anna_b_666, — Reply

    Yes, yes I have.

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