Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake - A Family Feast®


Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake recipe - Just 3 ingredients! Super easy and amazingly delicious! Great for a crowd!


  1. Posted by MusicalsandBooksrlife, — Reply

    The beginning where they make the Rice Krispies with Nutella looks like my oatmeal because I put more chocolate than oats in it......:p

  2. Posted by kummahof2, — Reply

    I'm going to make this, also with Biscoff but smash the topping and roll the ice cream into balls.

  3. Posted by ali52a, — Reply

    Does anyone have the recipe with measurements? And do you use store bought ice cream? Thanks

  4. Posted by Dreawithlove, — Reply

    Tastes really good! Can't want to make again!

  5. Posted by lucyfurtado01, — Reply

    oh! wow can wait to make it for family gatherings.

  6. Posted by yvainebolung, — Reply

    Looks so good but dont have the ingredients 😭

  7. Posted by arwasaleemkhan888, — Reply

    Can i make this in cupcake holders

  8. Posted by arwasaleemkhan888, — Reply

    Its looking amzing

  9. Posted by amrureddy78, — Reply

    Is it tasty 😋????

  10. Posted by carrillo691009, — Reply


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